The Cigarette Costume was created to give local authorities and organisations a cost-effective and reusable focal-point for cigarette related campaigns. We also wanted to provide a non-plastic costume that could be easily stored for reuse and recycled when no longer required.

Our unique, one-size-fits-all Cigarette Costume looks realistic and can be packed flat into its own box for easy storage. Storage is important because you don't want a big cigarette butt taking up space in your office or storeroom! With the Cigarette Costume you can simply stash it away until it is needed. Order yours now...

Photo: The first boodi Cigarette Costume

We redesigned the costume to make it even better!

The Cigarette Costume has been totally redesigned to look more realistic and accommodate a greater range of sizes - by making it easily adjustable. The one-piece outfit now folds down to a much smaller size, making easier for us to ship to destinations throughout the world and easier for you to store and transport to campaign venues.

This costume is not made from plastic. Instead, we have used tough cardboard which can makes it both reusable and recyclable.

What's it good for?

  • Smoking Ban Awareness campaigns
  • Cigarette Litter Reduction campaigns
  • Stop Smoking Awareness campaigns
  • Campaign-related outdoor entertainment
  • Stage productions
  • Office parties
  • PR events

Benefits of using the Cigarette Costume:

  • Cost effective - It's the cheapest, realistic looking cigarette costume.
  • Discounts available - Save money when you buy in bulk!
  • One-size-fits-all - Made to be adjustable to fit multiple sizes.
  • New improved - Redesigned to pack smaller and look more realistic.
  • Eco-friendly - Can be recycled with standard cardboard waste.
  • Focal-point - For cigarette related projects and campaigns.
  • Unique design - It's our own, protected design.

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